50 Cent Just SLAYED Meek Mill At A Concert


Rappers should avoid beefing with 50 Cent, he might not be too relevant in rap, but he will keep you angry..

50 Cent can be heard rapping “I ain’t really here to play those games. You already know my name,”  at concerts..

While Meek Mill might think 50 dissing him is a game, it seems as 50 is dead serious on using Meek Mill to stage a comeback in the rap genre..

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Complex Reports: In the latest act in the ongoing 50 Cent versus Meek Mill beef, the former took the stage in New York City last night and got the crowd going with a “fuck Meek Mill” chant. The Get Rich or Die Tryin’ rapper was performing a show at B.B. King’s in Manhattan for the release of his latest project The Kanan Tapes Reloaded when he started in on his Philadelphia nemesis once again. “From now on, no more competition with niggas that didn’t sell over one million records,” 50 pronounced from the stage causing the crowd to respond in kind with the profane-chant.

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