STARS CLAPPING BACK: Los Angeles Lakers Coach Refuses To Back Down


Fans are using social media to get their voices heard.  While fans are using social media for their voices, fans are forgetting the stars they are talking about have feelings too.

Now stars are becoming fed up and they are fighting back. The time when stars didn’t respond is in the past. Stars are now firing back. There has been a host of back and forth from stars and very opinionated fans.

Now in a new twist of events, Byron Scott the coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, got caught up in a beef that got a little out of hand with a fanatic fan.

Byron Scott 1

Coach Scott is known for his tough love for his players in practice and has uploaded videos to his instagram account showing his boxing techniques. Guess the trolling fan thought he wouldn’t fight a fan as he does his players.

The fan thought wrong because Coach Scott told the fan to “Bring It”!


Since this has come out though, the Lakers and Coach Byron Scott has both said that his account was hacked but if history is any indicator, stars are not taking trolling fans and their disrespecting comments.

Fans tread carefully, or else you may find yourself  in a sparring match with your favorite star.