HUH? Watch a Movie In Your Home Via A Cardboard Box

cardboxAre you a movie lover like me but rarely get to go to the movies? Well, there is a company claiming they have created an answer.

Just for $36, you can get the movie experience through a cardboard box. Yes, that’s correct a cardboard box. It’s called the “Cardboard Home Cinema”. It sits over your head while you lay back and watch movies from the privacy of your own box.

The best part of this box is, you don’t have to be bothered with the usual stuff like; loud inconsiderate people, sticky carpets, popcorn crunching under foot, unreasonably tall people, and most of all that awful “Get a Room” romantic couple. One added bonus is that you get a front row seat every time.

According to Firebox, the features of the Cardboard Home Cinema is it replicates the cinema experience with incredible accuracy, arrives flat-packed, a doodle to assemble, easily folds back down when not in use, comes with different sized adapters to cater for many devices, includes an optional cardboard audience insert for added realism, no light leaks for that authentic darkened theatre experience, and air holes at the bottom to allow you to breath easily.

Sounds to me you could make this yourself but that’s just me. Happy movie day everybody. Cardbox1