It’s official: Michael Kors isn’t cool anymore


According to Business Insider, Michael Kors is no longer cool..

Stocks are down and the company has been struggling as of late. Here’s why the brand just isn’t as cool as it used to be.

It appears the brand attempted to make their purses available and affordable.. But they had a good run..


To add to the demise.. One woman recently said:

Fyi. I was on the train in NYC a few weeks ago and I saw two girls and a guy talking to each other about fashion. One of the girls had a cute black satchel and the other asked ” where’d u get that bag, I’ve been meaning to ask.” The other was like “I’m so ashamed but it’s a Michael Kors.” And she pulled out a little charm from her purse pocket with the MK sign.

The friend who asked was like ” Oh my. Put that back in there and don’t let anyone know.”