Rick Ross’ Baby Mama Says She Needs More Money

 Tia Kemp, the mother of Rick Ross’ 10-year-old,  is taking him to court for more child support.

According to Tia Kemp, their child is struggling because his dad isn’t in his life and she needs more help.

Tia Kemp wants her child support of $2,800 to be increased by 20,000!

In court papers, Kemp claims that Ross has a habit of not showing up when he’s supposed to spend time with the child. The 10-year-old boy is suffering emotionally because his grades are slipping and he needs specialized services that she can’t afford. Ross straight up won’t pay for it, according to court documents.

We hope this isn’t true. Rick Ross has yet to comment.

Bonus: Back In September right when Ross got engaged to Lira Galore, Ross’ baby mama claimed she and Ross have been “sleeping together for the past several years,” even though he’s supposedly in a new relationship.

She told BOSSIP that Ross’s special lady is nothing more than a “seasonal prostitute,” according to Kemp. “In a few months, he won’t even remember that young girl’s name.”

And now Ross and Galore are broken up.. 🍵