Teacher accused of putting duct tape over students’ mouths [video]

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WICHITA FALLS, Texas — A first-grade teacher in Texas has been fired after she was accused of covering her students’ mouths with duct tape for an entire day.

KFDX reports that the children said they were told that the duct tape was part of a game and that they shouldn’t tell their parents because the teacher didn’t want to get fired. One parent said her daughter had a nightmare about the duct tape incident and woke up saying she was choking and couldn’t breathe.

Parents have filed police reports, and Child Protective Services is investigating the incident. The school has made additional counseling available to the affected students.

The school gave the kids a survey asking how the tape over their mouths affected them.. Many said it helped them to keep quiet…

At least one parent is planning on filing a lawsuit.


SMH.. This person has no business being a teacher.. It takes a certain level of patience and compassion..