White Woman Gets Upset With State of Maine for Saying Her Mixed Kid Has A Drug Dealing Daddy


Apparently the Governor of Maine is talking all out the side of his mouth and one white woman does not like it..


In response, Becky Edwards wrote:

I usually don’t post things like this, but make mama bear mad, anything goes!


Last week the governor in Maine, my state, suggested to the world that if one were to see me (the white girl) and my daughter (the biracial girl) walking down the street, that she is a product of my involvement with a drug dealer from out of state. And even worse, that she wasn’t wanted.

Things he says don’t usually get under my skin, but these words were cruel, infuriating, insulting, and full of hate and should not be tolerated. And I am pissed. I have a Masters degree and an excellent job in health care.

My daughter’s father (the black guy) is….wait for it…my husband! Even more crazy, he’s not a drug dealer! What?!? He’s a well educated man with an excellent job in education, in fact. And our daughter, was so wanted.

Do me a favor and share this status to show the world what the picture of a biracial family in Maine really looks like, and that we do not support the ignorant (expletive) that is our governor.

She now wants the governor impeached..

I usually don’t post things like this, but make mama bear mad, anything goes!FROM THE WHITE GIRL IN MAINE:Last week…

Posted by Becca Edwards onΒ Saturday, January 9, 2016

And of course the post went viral..