81-Year-Old Woman Chases Fleeing Robbers, Rams Them With Her Car


So far in 2016, this is the second case in which I have heard of criminals robbing their victims in their cars in one moment. Then in the next moment those same perpetrators end up being ran over by the same car.

In Mount Pocono, Pa 34-year-old William Hayhurst and 30-year-old Erin Vanmatre were arrested and charged with robbery, theft, and other offenses after their cars were rammed by a 81 year old victim.

Allegedly the two perps had followed the elderly woman home after she offered them $20 for gas at a gas station on Tuesday. As she was still sitting in her car they had managed to grab her purse and attempted to flee.

Their attempt was spoiled once the elderly woman pressed on her gas petal and rammed her car into theirs, causing a wreck. The physical damages that were left on the car had ultimately led to their arrests when it was identified by police.

The moral of this story goes to show you that these days you can not help just anybody. Having a good heart can sometimes put you in a very messed up situation.

The best way to deal with strangers is to just simply follow your intuitions at all times and always be weary of the people you meet in the streets. People are crazy out there….