Employee Goes On A Shooting Rampage Killing 3 and Wounding 14

pizap.com14564594606751Factory working Cedric Ford, 38, opened fire at his place of employment killing at least 3 and wounding 14 possibly more.  

What started as a typical day quickly became scary and chaotic for workers at Excel Industries. Cedric Ford, 38, was a painter employed with the lawn-mower manufacturing firm, Excel Industries, in the city of Hesston, Kansas. The father of 2 reported to work and employees say that he seemed content and was talkative as usual. When Ford clocked out for a break, he returned hours later in a van strapped.
Witnesses said the suspect pulled up outside the building in a red van, jumped out, and shot somebody in the parking lot. He then allegedly ran inside, firing at employees

Witnesses stated that Ford arrived in a stolen, red van and began opening fire from the parking lot. When the story first broke, sources stated that Ford gunned down the owner of the van but that has yet to be confirmed. Investigators are still trying to put the pieces together.

Once Ford arrived to Excel Industries, he entered the building of the factory and unloaded on employees in the production area. Tragically, the three Excel employees that were murdered have been identified as 31-year-old Joshua Higbee, 44-year-old Brian Sadowsky, and 30-year-old Renee Benjamin.

Starting from the left: Josh Higbee, Brian Sadowsky, and Rene Benjamin were all employees of Excel Industries who tragically loss their lives.

Authorities were perplexed as to how Ford even obtained firearms given his criminal past.

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