Female Rikers Island Guard Is Charged With Raping An Inmate And Trying To Smuggle Him Marijuana While Claiming To Have Fell In Love With Him


New York prison guard, Nicole Bartley,30, has been charged with planning to smuggle pot and raping an inmate. The rape charge was placed upon her due to a New York law that inmates cannot legally consent to sex inside the jail.

Bartley claims that the inmate “played me for a fool,” according to DailyMail Online. She stated that she let her guards down because she “was falling in love” with him.
Bartley admitted to having sex with the inmate in addition to promising to bring him pot. She admits she only had sex with him one time in a closet “when everyone else was locked in.”
Nicole, who had been employed at the complex for 2 years, was released on a $1,000 bail and faces up to four years in prison on the rape charge. She is the second corrections officer to be arrested in the last fours days for trying to conduct illegal activities as the notoriously named jail.
What do you think? Should Nicole be charged with rape  because she was a guard and he was an inmate, even though it was consensual?
I myself don’t understand what these women are thinking about when they sleep with the prisoners. This is starting to become an epidemic. I hear more and more of these stories all the time.
I know it’s believed to be a shortage of men but ladies, its not worth your job or freedom. Going into work every day seeing those hard buffed  in shape bodies can be tempting I’m sure but at the risk of being locked up with a bunch of women? I’ll pass and try my luck elsewhere!