Four People Got Arrested Over A Fight In A Pizza Parlour


Four people were arrested after causing damage inside a Palm Coast pizza shop Friday night.

First Coast News reports that a fight began when Jessica Conti became upset with cheese being put on her order of garlic knots at Palm Coast Pizza. She was so enraged that she demanded her money be refunded.

Palm Coast pizza had no problem refunding her money. However, Conti was upset in the manner in which the money was returned so she decided to do something about it.

Instead of writing a letter of complaint, Conti decided to get her crew.

Witnesses told deputies that three more people – Vincent Conti, Hareem Jones and Shawn Cody – entered the store and walked straight up to the counter. In a rage, they allegedly pushed the fax machine and cash register to the floor.

Next, all four of them hopped the counter and went back into the food prep area where no customers were allowed.

Once back there, they allegedly all started throwing food and pizza boxes everywhere. One of the four reportedly tossed a a glass parmesan container into a television.

Jessica Conti, 25, Vincent Conti, 23, Shawn Cody, 32, and Hareem Jones were arrested by Flagler County Sheriff’s deputies just before midnight and charged with burglary and criminal mischief. In addition, Jones was charged with marijuana possession when cops discovered a joint inside his pants pocket.

So four people are in jail over cheese bread. Marinate on that!

Watch the video detailing the crime below: