Moe Claps Back At Rah Ali On Instagram Calling Her Broke And Gay


Moe Money read Rah Ali for filth after Ali commented on a Moe filing a restraining order with the police. 

According to Fameolous, Rah Ali posted a video on her Instagram page where the Love & Hip Hop cast members comment on the show. In the video, Ali and Cardi B slam Moe Money for running to the feds in a fight. In episode 10: Barracudas and Bum Bitches, Mariah Lynn produces paper work where Moe allegedly filed a restraining order against Bianca.

Well, Moe clapped back calling Ali a broke lesbian that got the beat down from Sky from Black Ink.


While that wasn’t enough, Moe’s sister chimed in by calling her a con artist and threatened to leave Ali’s car on bricks if she doesn’t pay her the loan for her tires.


Rah Ali has yet to comment. Watch the video that started the whole beef: