The Man Who Was Arrested For Having Sex With a Woman on Vegas High Roller Ferris Wheel Has A REALLY Desperate Fiance

People are always so quick to talk about women who decide to be single..  It’s assumed that something must be wrong with a woman if she’s single for too long..

On the other side of that is women who are so desperate for validation that they will enter into a relationship with any man.. Some will even marry a man they met a few months ago..

Such is the case of Mistie Bozant.  She flew to Vegas with her fiancé, Phillip Frank Panic III to get married, after only meeting two months prior..

Once in Vegas the two got into an argument.. Panic claims he thought his finance was pregnant by another man so he stormed off in search of revenge..

This is where Chloe Alexis Scordianos, 21, of Hicksville, New York enters the picture.. She ran into Panic and you know when people get to Vegas the top thing of their to do list is to have wild sex with a stranger..

Scorpions and Mistie buy tickets to ride the most boring ferris wheel in the world.. The “High Roller” Ferris Wheel. The two entered the bubble with every intention of doing the Mile High Club on the Las Vegas Strip..

On Feb. 5 after an employee saw them smoking and undressing inside a cabin during a ride on The High Roller Observation Wheel the couple was arrested..

Philip Frank Panzica III and Chloe Scordianos (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept.)

The employee says she asked the couple via overhead intercom to put out their cigarettes and to put back on their clothes. The employee says that they complied momentarily, but then continued to take off their clothes.

The employee says guests in the cabins next to the couple were seen video recording them on their cell phones.

Scordianos and Panzica were taken to the security office after their ride. It was revealed that Panzica had a warrant for his arrest in Laughlin.

When police asked the couple if they knew why they were brought to the security office, they said they were having a good time, and didn’t think that anyone would notice.

The female operator used the intercom to order them to get dressed and put out the cigarettes, but they ignored her and began having sex.

The operator then realized High Roller riders in another cabin were recording the sex acts on their cell phone.

The attorney for one of the two accused says loud music inside the glass pod made it hard to hear the commands, and his client believed the design, height, and speed of the pods kept them out of the public’s view.

“If they’re at the top, there’s no one that can see in if they’re laying flat on the floor,” said Chris Rasmussen, the Las Vegas-based attorney for Chloe Scordianos. “Unfortunately, as the pod goes around the top at one foot per second, the pod behind them gains altitude and becomes above them, and they can now see into their pod, which they didn’t understand as this was going on.”

ferris wheel couple

At the end of the 30-minute ride the fully clothed tourists, Chloe Scordianos, 21, of Hicksville, NY, and Philip Frank Panzica III, 27, of Houston, Texas, were pulled from the giant glass ball and charged with committing sex acts in public, a felony.

The criminal complaint alleges extensive nudity and cunnilingus on the world’s tallest observation wheel, which is billed as “The Happiest Half Hour in Vegas!”

“They both said they were just having a good time and didn’t think anyone would notice,” the arresting officers wrote in their report.

Police watched surveillance video of the couple and observed Scordianos lying on her back in the center of the cabin. Panzica was on his knees over Scordianos and removed her dress.

He also removed his clothes while standing up, exposing his penis and bare buttocks, allowing anyone in public to see.

Scordianos and Panzica were booked in the Clark County Detention Center and later posted $3,000 bail. They were arraigned in Las Vegas Justice Court on Tuesday, and are expected back in court next month.

It’s unclear how or where the two met. Friday was Scordianos’ 21st birthday…

Now on to the good part of the story..  Panzica’s finance bailed them out of jail and went the news to explain why..


She’s still with him..


Either she’s super desperate or they’re vowing for a reality show..