Wanna Be Priest Nabbed in CA for trying to have sex with babies

Joel Wright, 23, allegedly planned to adopt a baby in Mexico and have sex with her while filming it.

Joel A. Wright, 23,  a want to be priest from the Columbus, Ohio area was arrested in San Diego  airport on Friday for allegedly attempting to travel to Mexico so he could rape young girls and infants. Other websites are posting “seeking to have sex” but when you are a creepy grown man trying to sleep with young girls and babies that’s not sex that’s rape.  When apprehended this nut job had $2000 cash, baby cloths (what in the hell was he going to do with baby cloths, we’ll never know), and a bottle in his luggage. Look at this guy, can you imagine the nightmares little girls would have after setting eyes on this weirdo? I’m going to have nightmares after looking at this creep myself. OK- back to the story. Joel who previously attended Pontifical College Josephinum located in Columbus, tried to adopt a child from Mexico in 2014. Information obtained from ABC7 stated that “Wright placed an ad on the Tijuana Craigslist site in July 2014 that sought to adopt a child, but didn’t succeed when the person who responded- called the “reporting person” in the complaint- took his money and never returned”. This is one time I can say thank goodness for dishonest people. The torture a child would have went through if he would have been successful in adoption.

Seminarian Joel Wright, second left, is arrested at San Diegos airport in San Diego on federal charges for allegedly seeking to have sex with infant and young girls in Mexico.

Agents caught on to Wright and started investigating him in July 2014 when they learned of his attempt to adopt a child from Mexico. In November 2015 an agent started conversing with Wright via the internet posing as a Mexican tour guide. This weirdo stated that he wanted to buy a 3 year old girl so he could have his way with her while filming it according to authorities. Joel thought he was meeting the Mexican tour guide in CA  but instead  was met by federal agents. Joel’s mother Teresa Wright Poquette stated that she did not believe the allegations against her son.

No mother wants to believe that they birthed the devil. I’m thinking there had to be some signs during his adolescent years that told her he was off center. One thing is certain, she doesn’t have to believe it, the world knows he’s one sick animal. I hope he is caged forever! On a final note, I don’t understand the priesthood. I mean there are more pedophiles in the catholic church. So many that they should just close the doors with a big sign stating OUT OF BUSINESS!


Reference: ABC7