12 Year-Old Boy Killed In Double Shooting At A Mini-Mart


Jason Spears (right) was killed as he was walking to the store with his cousin Terrance Spears (left).

Jason Spears, 12, and his cousin, Terrance Spears, 14, were walking to the store when someone opened fire on them. Sadly, Jason Spears loss his life.

On Sunday night, around 10 p.m. in San Bernadino, CA, Jason Spears and his cousin were walking to a Circle K. Suddenly, shots rung out and the boys were shot.

They tried to run in the store to get help but Jason collapsed in the parking lot. A witness, Elsa Castro, told CBS Los Angeles that she saw Jason hit the ground.

“He collapsed right there. I turned him over, and he was bleeding from his chest,” Castro said in tears. “I was shaking him to wake up.”

She stayed with him to the ambulance arrived but he was already dead.

The community is outraged by Jason’s death.

Jason’s aunt and the mother of Terrance, Shaunte Spears, doesn’t understand who would want to shoot them. While the area they were shot in is high in gang activity, neither boys were in a gang.

Shaunte Spears is the mother to Terrance and the aunt to Jason Spears.

Terrance was shot in the leg and is expected to be ok. The police is urgent to bring the shooters to justice but they need the help of the community.

Our prayers are with the family.

Watch news footage on the crime below: