Azealia Banks Calls K.Michelle A Bird B*tch On Instagram

pizap.com14578409869081Azealia Banks threw shade at K.Michelle by calling her a bird b*tch on Instagram. 

Who is Azealia Banks? Who is Azealia Banks? This question may have popped in your mind because I wondered the same thing. Azealia Banks is a rapper but she seems to be known more for the controversy that she creates versus her music.

Azealia has had social media beefs with T.I., RihannaIggy Azalea, and even Erykah Badu. While she deleted her Twitter to possibly minimize confusion, she still has Instagram. Recently, she said some rather disparaging remarks about K.Michelle.

Last year, Azealia was scheduled to go on tour with K.Michelle but the tour was cancelled and no one really knows why.

One of her fans took to Instagram to express her disappointment with the cancellation of the tour. The fan made the following comment:

“What about that entire east coast tour you cancelled on your fans? Like you seriously don’t gaf about your career! Cancel tour then continue senseless rants. Losing me for sure,” the fan wrote.

Azealia responded by throwing K. Michelle under the bus.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 3.23.32 PM

You already know that K.Michelle probably won’t let that slide.