Gender Fluid College Student Carries Tampons For Women In Need



Chance Ward, 20, is a gender fluid student at Occidental College from Los Angeles, California. Ward has garnered attention after he shared a Facebook post of how he gave a woman a tampon in the gym after she apologized for being overheard asking her friend for a tampon.

According to Daily Mail, Ward was at the gym when he overheard a woman asking her friend for a tampon. While the woman apologized, Ward let her know that it was no need for her to be embarrassed.

‘Me being me, I hit ha [her] with the “girl, u gucci” before reaching down into my fanny pack and giving her one of the tampons I keep in there,’ Chance wrote last week.

Ward, who was born a man, carries tampons in his fanny pack for anyone who may need one.

Kind-hearted: The 20-year-old (pictured), who was born a male, carries tampons in a fanny pack for anyone who is menstruating and needs one 

While the woman was grateful, she was shocked that Ward was in possession of tampons. Check out his Facebook post on the incident below:

Shouldn't feel ashamed: In their post, Chance recalled how embarrassed one woman at the gym got because she was overheard asking for a tampon 

Nicki Minaj even praised Ward for being so thoughtful.

Famous fan: Chance's message even caught the attention of Nicki Minaj, who shared the post on her Facebook page, writing: 'This is everything.' 

After Ward shared his story, many people commented on how they were touched and bought an extra box of tampons at their home for someone who may need it.