Jahi’ McMath Is Still On Life Support Although Doctors Declared Her Brain Dead

pizap.com14583549024681Jahi McMath was 13 years-old when she went into cardiac arrest after undergoing a routine operation to remove her tonsils at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in Oakland, California, in December 2013.

What happened to the McMath family is every parents’ nightmare.

After taking their daughter to have a routine surgery to remove her tonsils, Jahi McMath went into cardiac arrest and suffered brain damage.

According to Daily Mail, the brain damage was so severe that the hospital claims that if the respirator was turned off, Jahi would be dead.

Jahi¿s family have been saying more than a year that she is responding to her family's commands, shortly after moving her to a facility in New Jersey

Three doctors declared that she was brain dead and needed to be taken off life support. Her family disagreed. Jahi’s mother, Nailah Winkfield, and stepfather, Marvin Winkfield, decided to go to court.

Nailah Winkfield with husband Marvin outside Children's Hospital in Oakland in January 2014. Jahi suffered a cardiac arrest following a routine operation to remove her tonsils at the hospital in December 2013

The family hired an attorney, Chris Dolan, that argued that the young teen showed signs of life even though a coroner issued a death certificate. The family won their case to maintain Jahi’ on life support in 2014.

Jahi’ was taken to a facility in New Jersey that agreed to maintain her on life support.

In January 2014, Children’s Hospital Oakland spokesman Sam Singer criticized the family’s decision to continue to keep Jahi’ on life support and provide her “nutrients” to restore brain activity.

No amount of food, medicine, medical machinery, time or hope is going to bring her back. So it’s really wrong and unethical for Mr. Dolan to mislead the family and the public that there’s any amount of hope or any food that could possibly bring back this deceased young woman.

Jahi’s mother, Nailah Winkfield, posted a recent photo on Facebook to prove to others that Jahi’ is making progress.

A new picture of Jahi McMath, which her mother posted on Facebook on Friday saying she was as 'healthy and beautiful as ever' <p style=

A new picture of Jahi McMath was posted on Facebook on Friday stating that she was as ‘healthy and beautiful as ever’

The Daily Mail reports that the hospital treating Jahi released her into the care of her mother and other family members who agreed to be “exclusively responsible” for the teenager.

We’re praying that Jahi’ can be a testimony for others that have been declared brain dead and wake up soon. It would be a miracle.