Malcolm Jamal-Warner Speaks On Bill Cosby Scandal

Actor and musician Malcolm-Jamal Warner poses for a portrait Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015, in Los Angeles. Warner, who won his first Grammy earlier this year for his work on Robert Glasper's “Jesus Children,” is currently promoting his new album, “Selfless.” He describes the third record with his band Miles Long as “funky passionate vulnerability.” (Photo by Danny Moloshok/Invision/AP)

Malcom Jamal-Warner admits that he is suffering financially with The Cosby Show being taken off the air. 

Most of the co-stars of The Cosby Show have remained neutral or quiet about the sexual abuse allegations that plague Bill Cosby. Recently, Malcolm Jamal-Warner set down with the ladies of The Real to discuss Hollywood’s hypocritical response to The Cosby Show.

In a sneak peak to Warner’s Monday appearance, he discusses with the ladies the hypocrisy of networks pulling The Cosby Show.

“I feel several different ways,” says Warner, 45. “One, because the show was taken off the air, it’s literally taking money out of my pocket. So I got my own personal feelings about that, because it personally affects me. But even outside of that, you know, you just look at just how the media is playing this whole thing out. And I can’t help but think about Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Stephen Collins.”

According to People magazine, Woody Allen married ex-girlfriend Mia Farrow’s adoptive daughter Soon-Yi Previn. Recently, adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow accused him of molesting her. Director Roman Polanski flew to France after having intercourse with a 13 year-old. Stephen CollinsThe 7th Heaven patriarch, confessed to inappropriate sexual conduct with three female minors in 2014.

While Warner isn’t excusing or advocating Bill Cosby’s behavior, he doesn’t feel like The Cosby show should have been taken off the air.

“It’s very clear the crimes they’ve committed, but there’s no one that, you know, has been calling for Woody’s movies to be pulled off the air,” Warner says. “Roman Polanski is still celebrated. Stephen Collins’ show still comes on. So it’s just interesting how it’s very unbalanced. They were trying to take Mr. Cosby’s star off the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And I am in no position to defend him, because I can’t, but nor will I throw him under the bus.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think The Cosby show have been taken off the air?

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