Scrappy From Love & Hip-hop Atlanta Has Dumped His Fiancée Bambi, After He Caught Her With Future!

MTO Reports

This upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is getting so extra juicy.

A source just confirmed that Scrappy and his fiancee Bambi have officially broken up. You can look on their Instagrams and see that each one has deleted pics of the other off the page.

So what happened between the engaged lovebirds? Well according to an MTO snitch, word on the streets is that Scrappy caught Bambi – with future!!

Scrappy’s fiance was allegedly bopping with Mr purple in his tour bus a few weeks ago.

We’re told that Scrappy and Bam are not on speaking terms. In fact, Scrappy’s mom just had some major surgery, and Bambi was not there to help support him through it.