Til Death Do Us Part- A Woman Was Killed By Her Abusive Husband

pizap.com14570554994361Michelle Williams, 25, was killed by her high school sweetheart, husband Devon Williams. 

A family is mourning the loss of their loved one, Michelle Williams, a fun-loving devoted wife and mother to her 2 year-old daughter, Denver. Police were called to the home to do a welfare after Michelle’s mother-in-law was concerned. She was discovered dead in her home.

Fox 2 News reports that when the police arrived, they noticed Devon Williams, Michelle’s husband, attempting to drive away.

According to Fox 2 News, Devon Williams, quoted his marital vows by saying, “Till death do us part” referring to the death of Michelle allegedly at his hands. The cause of death is still unknown.

Sources say that the couple had a volatile relationship and domestic violence was prevalent in their marriage. Michelle’s family wants to use her story as a warning to anyone that it is in an abusive relationship.

“If anybody is in a bad relationship it only takes one time for a man to hit a woman,” Perry said. “Just leave it’s not worth it. Look at the outcome. We didn’t know it would happen like this.”

Sources say that her Devon thought she was having an affair. Devon Williams was taken to the hospital to be treated for ingesting a large number of painkillers. He is facing criminal charges.

Watch news footage below on the crime: