An 18-Year-Old College Student Was Killed At A Friend’s Bowling Party


In Redford, MI., Fox 2 news reports that a young college student, Bethany Walker, 18, was shot and killed while celebrating her friend’s birthday.

Bethany informed her father, Vernon Walker, that she was going bowling and he felt that she would be ok because bowling alleys are typically family friendly environments.

“She said dad I’m going bowling,” said Vernon Walker, her father. “Bowling is fine, not anyplace you’d think anything would happen.”

CBS news reported that while at the bowling alley, two groups of people were fighting. One man from each group, pulled out a gun and began shooting.

Bethany, along with 2 other men were shot. Sources are saying that Bethany was apart of the verbal altercation as well.

It is unclear as to why the two groups of people were fighting.

Bethany’s friends called to inform her family of what happened.

“They were just screaming ‘It’s bad, it’s bad,'” Yolanda Walker said. “And then about 45 minutes later she was gone.”

Redford Township police say the two shooters, a 33-year-old Redford man and a 19-year-old from Detroit, were both shot and remain critical Monday.

In another strange twist, Redford police were flagged down by three women who claimed they were robbed.

It turns out that the 24 year-old man who robbed the three ladies was apart of the verbal altercation as well. Police apprehended him as well.

While police are still trying to determine what caused the shooting, Bethany’s family are trying to determine how they will move on without their beloved Bethany.

“We’re grateful for the time we had with her,” said her sister Natasha Montgomery. “And it’s a blessing to be able to say Bethany was my sister.”

“We love her and we miss her and we’re going to make sure everything she planned happens.”

Watch news footage on this story below: