Gilbert Arenas Continues To Blast Laura Govan On Social Media


Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas continues to blast the mother of his children, reality tv star, Laura Govan on social media.

Earlier in the week, he blasted Govan’s parenting skills suggested that she fed their children a struggle plate.

Baller alert shared the photo where Arenas criticized what his children were eating.

Laura Govan responded to the haters that had so much to say about her cooking skills.

Now, if that wasn’t enough, Arenas shared an Instagram photo of Govan holding bolt cutters where she allegedly had to cut a chain from Arenas locking her and their children out.

However, Arenas claims that the drama was staged for a reality show Govan was filming, The Next 15.

For all the women who say im disrespectful to the mother of my children…..can u ladies explain this…..thursday night december 10th 2015 my ex posted this picture….someone asked me what it meant (who gives a shit) me,my lawyer and the judge didnt know my ex had and been shooting a reality show this whole time and all the drama that was caused in the media with blogs and fake Emails of #STDclaims was for ratings and hype……so this is how I beat her in court #TEAMLAURA my daughter bday was Wednesday december 9th (if u look on her ig u should see bday pics below this pic) since my day is EVERY THURSDAY I picked my kids up from school on the 10th…my son has basketball practice from 6:00-8:00pm every THURSDAY since I missed my daughter’s bday DATE we had a party at my place after practice….so lauras claim that I locked her and the kids out with a chain was bull shit because the kids were with me for two days lmaoooo #Dummy…Now this is very important for #teamdumbASS when this episode aired WASNT it RAINING while she was cutting the chains off?? So why aint the nigha wet in this picture she posted? Beside that #cathair on top of her head she dryer then a hooker pussy in the winter…did it just happen to stop raining so she can take a picture?? Damn The truck aint even wet after all that rain #smdh….where the truck is parked, thats inside the gate not outside..if u have 1 car and it’s raining outside, how would u have a dry spot INSIDE the drive way if ur locked OUTSIDE drive??#FuckingMorons this whole shit was FAKER then DOUBLE D’s on a midget…….this is why I troll her becuz she spends her time LYING on my name on tv……I never fuck with her UNTIL she comes for me…..sorry #TeamStupid I win again and yall better start putting some #RESPEK on my name #FakeVictim IS SHE DONE OR IS SHE FINISHED?

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  What are your thoughts? Do you believe Govan or is she playing the victim?