Two Families Were Fighting At A Child’s Birthday That Resulted In One Man Dead


Detroit Fox 2 News reports that the following man, Lamar Carter, 23, is in police custody after he turned himself in for shooting and killing Sean Key,44.

According to police, there was a long standing beef between 2 families. Coincidentally, these two families had both booked parties at a family fun center, Play Atlantis in Melvindale, a suburb outside of Detroit.

The families recognized each other immediately and began fighting in 3 separate altercations. What began with a few people pushing and shoving grew to a 20 person brawl.

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During the brawl, with several kids looking on, one man, Carter, left the building to retrieve a gun. When he returned, he shoot and killed Key with a wound to the head.

Melvindale Police Chief Chad Hayse shared that the two families had been feuding since 2015.

“There’s a war going on, and they happened to be at the same place and the same time yesterday,” Hayse said to the Detroit Free Press. Once you put them in the same little room, stuff started happening,”

Hayse continued sharing more information on the back story of the families connected to Carter and Key.

The families connected with Carter and Key have been fighting since at least 2015, when one family member opened fire on an opposing family member outside a Detroit home. That incident ended when the person inside returned fire, striking and killing the assailant outside, Hayse said.

After the shooting, Carter fled the scene and police had been looking for him for weeks.

Then, Lamar Carter decided to surrender to police at an Oxford, Alabama Quiznos Sandwich Shop. Carter told an employee to “call 911 and tell the police to come get me,” according to a WXYZ report.

On Feb. 26th,  arrangements were made for his extradition to Michigan, and he arrived on Wednesday, March 9th. He is being charged with first-degree murder and a felony firearm charge.

Watch news footage on this story below: