Usher’s Wife Grace Checked Him For Being Too Cozy With His Costar




Usher Raymond, 37, and his wife, Grace, 45, shared an intense moment on the red carpet after Usher seemed to be smitten with his costar, Ana de Armas, 28, in the movie Hands of Stone, where Raymond has been cast to play boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard. 

According to, Usher and his wife were the talk of town at the legendary Cannes film festival after Grace allegedly got Usher together for flirting with his sexy, younger costar.

While Usher and his wife Grace dated for 6 years, they’ve only been married a year.

Because of Usher’s past with the ladies, it’s easy to see why Grace may be a little jealous. But, I’m sure it’s harmless right?

Hollywood is full of attractive people that work together and it’s purely platonic. Look at Angelina and Brad, they worked together on Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

While Brad was married to Jen Aniston, he remained purely professional right? Oh yeah, they did get together and have like a tribe of kids right?

Usher Raymond, Grace Raymond, Ana de Armas

Maybe Grace has a point…………….