Waka Flocka Breaks Down & Admits He Cheated On Wife Tammy Rivera

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We were all rooting for you Waka…..

Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka separated after multiple of women claimed they had hooked up with Waka on the low.

Earlier this month Waka announced via Instagram that he and Tammy  have both went their separate ways and were headed towards a divorce.

Waka posted:

“To Keep it all gangsta, me and Tammy split up. Nobody cheated on nobody, nobody’s mad at nobody. We just grew to our differences.”

Tammy followed suit saying Waka didn’t leave her for anybody and he never cheated.

She said:

Y’all listen and please listen clear! I will not speak on this situation again, Me and Waka separation had nothing to do with ANYONE! Waka did not leave me for ANYONE lol. We made a mutual decision that we needed to separate, Sometime ppl use other people’s lives to prey off and get attention, I guess for IG likes or followers. Waka is a Great man and father to my child, we all make mistakes and learn from them.”

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