Abuse Or Discipline? Woman Posted A Video To Facebook Of Her Beating Her Daughter For Having Sex In Her Home


pizap.com14694073825921Shanavia Miller has gone viral after she posted a video of her physically assaulting her 16-year-old daughter who was caught having sex in her home. 

You have to be careful of what you live stream to Facebook because it just might get in the hands of the wrong people…………………

Georgia woman, Shanavia Miller, posted a video of her daughter Nia Green that has a lot of people talking.  In the video, Miller is seen physically abusing and cursing her daughter out because she’s 16 and allegedly having sex in her mother’s home.

Nia Green, Shanavia’s 16 year-old daughter

After the video was posted, some people praised Miller for being proactive and trying to prevent her daughter from becoming another teen mom.

Others were repulsed by the video and allegedly reported Shanavia Miller to Child Protective Services.

Watch the video below: 

The video sparked a huge debate about whether or not the mother’s actions were a form of discipline or abuse.

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