David Banner & Lyfe Jennings Almost Came To Blows After David Said Black People Should Pull Out Guns On Police Officers (Video)


David Banner and Lyfe Jennings almost came to blows during a town hall meeting in Atlanta GA, on police brutality.

David suggested that the black community force the police to suffer financial and physical consequences for their actions by pulling out guns on the police.

That idea didn’t fit well with Mr. Jennings.

“You sound crazy!” Jennings yelped. “I’m a tell you, you sound crazy!”

“What we going through is crazy,” said a male voice.

What we going through is crazy, but we ain’t gonna create more [unintelligible] by telling these people to bring f_cking guns against the po-lice!” said Jennings as the crowd stood and clapped.

“That’s stupid! It’s stupid!” he said as the two men squared off on stage.

“Hold on,” said peacemaker Tyrese, standing between the two men.

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