Harlem Stabbing Leaves Mom Dead And Daughter With Multiple Stab Wounds

pizap.com14677405516721Michelle Kenny, 38, and her 21-year-old daughter Tomisha Abraham were just trying to celebrate the fourth of July when an altercation turned deadly. 

In Harlem, Michelle Kenny and Tomisha Abraham were not only celebrating the fourth of July but it was Abraham’s birthday too. The mother and daughter spent the afternoon cooking outside of their apartment building.

They were having such a good time that they continued the party on the 9th floor of their apartment building.

The altercation happened on the ninth floor of 95 Lenox Ave.

Apparently, during the festivities, Ashanti Daniels, 26, who lives in another apartment on the same floor, got into an argument with Abraham in the hallway, police said.

During the fight, Daniels knocked Abraham to the ground. She pulled a knife out and began to repeatedly stab her in the chest and arms.

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