Love & Hip Hop’s Althea Heart Arrested After Heated Confrontation With Ex Benzino

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Althea just can’t seem to stay out of trouble when it comes to Benzino I see. 

The reality star has been arrested and currently as we type, sitting him jail. 

Althea ‘Thi Thi’ was arrested last week in Georgia and will be released in 3-6 days and has no option to bail out. 

The Jasmine Brand reports  that she was sent to jail after a hearing that she had with the father of her child, Benzino. 

It is said that Althea confronted Benzino ignoring the Judge’s instructions for her not to communicate with him. 

The situation escalated quickly and Thi Thi was arrested. The judge later found Althea in contempt of court and ordered her to be locked up in a Georgia jail for 10 days for civil contempt.

Hopefully in the future these two can get along and co-parent for the sake of their son.