Police Officer Nakia Jones Has Gone Viral For Her Powerful Message For Racist Cops (Video)

pizap.com14679210430751Like most Americans, particularly in the African-American community, police officer Nakia Jones was outraged when news spread that yet another African-American male, Alton Sterling age 37, was killed at the hands of 2 white police officers while being handcuffed.

After watching the shooting video of Sterling multiple times, she became angry.

Jones decided not be quiet about it. She created a 7-minute video that went viral as soon as posted it with 1.3 million views. In her speech, Jones said the following:

If you are white and you’re working in a black community and you are racist, you need to be ashamed of yourself,” Jones said in the video. “You stood up there and took an oath. If this is not where you want to work, then you need to take your behind somewhere else.”

Officer Jones became an officer in 1996 working in East Cleveland. She later made history by becoming the the first black woman officer in Warrensville Heights, Ohio.

A wife and mother, Jones became a police officer to make a difference because she knew what it was like to struggle as a child.

The reason I became a police officer is to make a difference in people’s lives,” she said. “I know what it’s like to have a parent on drugs. I know what it’s like to watch people be picked on and bullied and all kinds of things. I said I wanted to make a difference and I want to be that change, so I became that change.”

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