Teacher Arrested For Sexually Abusing 23 Of His Students


This story really breaks my heart. When parents send their kids to school they expect for the teachers to be loving and supporting.

Sometimes that is not always the case.

WTOP Reports

WASHINGTON — A grand jury delivered a staggering 270-count indictment to former Prince George’s County teacher’s aide Deonte Carraway Wednesday.

Of the counts against him, there are 23 counts of sex abuse of a minor, which represent each of Carraway’s 23 victims involved in the case.

Prosecutors say Carraway, 22, sexually abused students at Judge Sylvania Woods Elementary School between August 2015 and February 2016 both on and off school property.

The 116-page indictment outlines that Carraway threatened, pressured, enticed and/or coerced children — 20 boys and three girls who ranged in age from 9 to 13 — instructing them to perform sexual acts on him and on each other while he video taped them on his cellphone.

Carraway then shared the videos, taken on two cellphones, on the Kik app with a group that included the children featured in the recordings, the document said.

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