Waitress Fired After She Created A Snap Chat About Serving “A Table Full Of N*ggers”

pizap.com14697327343981On Sunday afternoon, Chelsea Mayes,along with her four friends, enjoyed a meal at Cheddar’s restaurant in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Mayes and her friends were impressed with their waitress and dining experience. One of Maye’s friends was also friends with the waitress. Pleased with their meal and service, the party left her a generous tip and went along with their day.

However, they soon learned that while they enjoyed their waitress, their waitress didn’t enjoy them.

Mayes received a text message from her friend with some disappointing news. The friendly waitress that just served them, created a Snap Chat stating that she was hung over with a section full of niggers.

Mayes responded to the server’s racist remarks and her comments went viral.

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