Why White Women Are Generally More Successful In Relationships Vs. Black Women

Man sitting on sofa with two women

In my Facebook friends list dwells a black man who possesses really strong opinions when it comes to the topics of black women & relationships..  This morning I spotted a post by him and thought it was exceptionally thought provoking..

I would love some feedback as to your thoughts about this..

He wrote:

“When it comes to relationships…


Now, I’ve eliminated all the rebuttals from the “Not all Women are…” idiots who don’t understand generalizations even when you provide context.

The misconception that Black women make is that the numbers are how they are because White Men value Marriage more than Black Men and that’s why black women aren’t married as often as their white counterparts.

Basically, Black Women, SPEAKING IN GENERAL AND NOT TO ANY SPECIFIC WOMAN, believe that if Black men were “Better” then Black women would have more success.

That is factually wrong.

There is no data that will support that claim.

The advantage that White Women have over Black Women is the ability to CHOOSE men far more effectively based on criteria that is conducive to their understanding and functionality within a Union.

White Women get through their Knucklehead phase much faster than Black women, GENERALLY SPEAKING.

White Women usually around age 22-25 they’re done with men who have limited ability to offer them more than just sex.

With black women they’re usually a full decade behind and they remain in their Knucklehead phase of men to around the age of 32-35 ish.

This is still generally speaking so don’t be a moron.

Also during this phase, most white women escape without having children with these types. They, generally speaking, understand that each child diminishes their luster to potential suitors.

During this same time frame, Black women GENERALLY speaking, often have anywhere from 2-4 children and this is often by men who provide little to no assistance.

Again, if this ain’t you, you shouldn’t be saying anything.

White Women also, generally speaking, have a greater understanding of their man’s strengths and limitations before they settle down with him over their black counterparts.

White Women, GS for short, know if their man can’t fix a roof or put in a transmission in a car that they aren’t going to expect him to know how to do this. They know his limitations. They understand that they cannot IMPROVE their man just because she loves him and she thinks she’s strong.

When white women choose black men, GS, they don’t go for party promoters or drug dealers or flashy men who want all the attention…

They go for the college graduates, the dudes who ain’t in the streets, the dudes who value things like Family and being a father. They don’t go for black men, generally speaking, who always have them in drama and mess. Or have them trying to break passwords on social media.

They come in and go for the black men who are the solid, consistent, reliable men.

The same men, generally speaking, that black women, generally speaking, find too boring and too square.

It’s not a black man’s fault nor a white woman’s fault that she didn’t overlook desirable qualities in him.

I have quite a few interracial couples who are in relationships and marriages on my time line.

I can’t think of a single one of them that has drama and mess.

Those white women just came in, saw the dude they wanted that had their shit together and was like…

“Check please”.

Now, do I feel white women are better than Black women, generally speaking?

Emphatically, HELL NO.

I love my sisters even with all of their hypocrisy and insecurity and limited accountability…I still got love for them.

But I can’t ignore that through observation and analysis as to why white women have more success from strictly their roles and I have to deduce that they are better at choosing while not being better as women.”

Black & White aspect set aside, what I personally like most about his rant, is that it makes you stop and think about the types of men you are dating and if you’re choosing a mate that aligns with what you want out of life or if you’re allowing a man to waste your time..