Georgia Teacher Under Fire For Playing Slavery Game With One Black Student In The Class


 In Marietta, Georgia, Delores Bunch-Keemer was concerned when her 10-year-old granddaughter came home shaking. She knew something was wrong by the look on her face.

Her granddaughter revealed that she was disturbed by a slavery game that she played in her fifth grade social studies class. Apparently, the board game was created by her teacher and it was based on the Underground Railroad.

In the game, the students pretended like they were slaves. With a roll of dice, the students decided their fate. Depending upon what number you rolled, students could either escaped further into the woods, allowed to rest in the cabin, and were sent back to the plantation.

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It didn’t help that her granddaughter is the only African-American girl in the classroom.

“She said she went back to the plantation six times, so that consistent feeling of being degraded, and I have to be beaten when I got back to the plantation,” Bunch-Keemer told WSB Channel 2’s Tom Regan

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