Husband Kills His Estranged Wife While Their Children Were Home


At one point, Joseline Perez,36, and her estranged husband, Timothy Moorman, 41, were in love but they decided to separate.  The couple married on November 12, 2015. In addition to being married, they had 3 beautiful children.

Due to the separation, Perez moved into an apartment with her 3 children in Collingswood, New Jersey. Apparently, the apartment she moved in was a volatile place filled with drama.

An anonymous neighbor spoke with the Courier Online to share how chaotic the Heights of Collingswood apartment complex is.

“There’s always troubles here,” said the woman

Sadly, Monday night was no exception.

Neighbors heard a lot of commotion and loud arguing on Monday night around 7:40 p.m. coming from Perez’s apartment. Ironically, that type of behavior is typically seen at the apartment complex.

Even though a neighbor admittedly heard a 12 year-old boy tell someone in Perez’s apartment to call the police, she simply closed her door.

What neighbors didn’t know was that Perez and her estranged husband, Moorman, were fighting. Tragically, Moorman fatally stabbed Perez.

He even stabbed himself but he survived.

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