Man Who Dismembered His Girlfriend Is Seeking Joint Custody Of Their 3-Year-Old Daughter


David and Cinda Jensen are still grieving the loss of their daughter, Addie Jansen. The only thing that brings them joy is their granddaughter, Chloe Jansen. 

“There are times Chloe will do something and I can see Addie in her,” Cinda Jensen told WCCO.

The couple has the task of raising their 3-year-old granddaughter because their daughter was killed.

“I think about Chloe not growing up with her mother and when I think about how being a mother was the most important thing to Addie and how it brought her so much joy it just, it just hits me,” she said.

For the past seven years, the couple says they supported their daughter, Addie, but worried about her relationship with Josh Dow. Their relationship was volatile and they were concerned about her safety.

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She finally had the courage to live him and in 2015, Addie left Dow. She and Chloe moved in with them. However, one night in November of 2015, Addie didn’t come home.

They knew something was wrong.

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