Masika Puts Baby Daddy Fetty Wap On Blast & Says She Took Multiple Of Plan B Pills That Failed [VIDEO]

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Honey Masika brought the shade today!

Masika joined Marc Lamont Hill on VH1 Live and talked about her daughter and even talked about Fetty Wap and his fathering skills.

After being asked how co-parenting was with Fetty, she replied:

“I’m an amazing mother. My daughter is the best little girl in the world. … I’m a pretty good father, too.”

I guess we all know what that means… Fetty is slacking on his end.

If you remember, last month Masika went off on him on Twitter for posting a picture of their daughter without asking her.

She then began telling the world that he was a deadbeat dad and has never attempted to see his child.

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