Performance Artist Arrested After She Urinated On Herself And Threw Live Crickets On The Subway


Zaida Pugh, a 21-year-old performance artist, decided to put on a live show on a NYC subway train that involved live props such as crickets and worms. However, she thought about using cockroaches but she changed her mind.

Last week, on a Brooklyn-bound D train, Pugh got into character and posed as a woman who wanted to sell insects. As she tried to sell insects to a male passenger on the train, the passenger flipped over her basket which contained 300 crickets and 300 worms across the Subway car.

Passengers seemed panicked while Pugh (pictured during her prank) kept screaming and acting erratically

Surprisingly, Pugh didn’t expect her performance to cause chaos. According to The Daily Mail, she didn’t expect that someone would pull the emergency brake. But that is what happened, and passengers were stuck inside an AC-less car for 30 minutes while Pugh stayed in character – and let her prank escalate to unforeseen heights.

While staying in character, she screamed, urinated on herself and even attempted to vomit. All of this occurred during rush hour.

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