Brandon Jennings Blasts Ex Teyana Taylor Over Rumors He Cheated on Her with Lashontae Heckard


It’s been years and people still can’t keep their minds off of what happened between Teyana Taylor, Lashontae Hevkard and Brandon Jennings. 

Word has it that while Jennings and Taylor were dating, he cheated on her with Heckard… who was reportedly good friends with Taylor at that time. 

After Taylor’s interview with Wendy Williams yesterday, his name was brought into the mix once again. 

When Taylor was asked if she still talked to Heckard after she had an affair with her man, Taylor said, “Oh, I ain’t seen her since!” 

NowNBA baller Jennings wants to make things very clear: Heckard never “stole” him from Taylor and he never cheated. 

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