Denzel Washington Is Definitely Mad About Being a Meme

Denzel Washington was not feeling the “Uncle Denzel” memes… not even a little bit.

Back in May of last year, we all witnessed Denzel Washington pop up on the big screen at the Mayweather fight. But  Washington was not looking like his usual suave self.

Instead the actor was dressed like your uncle who drinks beer and fixes cars in his free time.  No one was feeling Washington’s track suit and weird facial expressions..

Therefore, he became Uncle Denzel on memes, which are labeled as all time classics.

In an interview with Blogxila,  Washington, who is 61 years of age  and has inhabited the lives of a former slave, a civil rights leader and a heroin dealer up in ’70s Harlem, basically let everyone know, he doesn’t have time for your sh*t.

It turns out the facial scruff was the look for his role in the upcoming remake of “The Magnificent Seven” (principal photography commenced May 18, two weeks after the fight). The western flick  comes out September 23.

When asked about the memes, a calm but bitter Washington said:

“Those who can, do,” Washington says in a clip released on Wednesday. “Those who can’t do talk about those who can. Now can you or can you not? Or are you just one that sits on the sideline to talk about other people or can you step up?”

Of course, these aren’t original Washingtonian psalms; they’re a self-righteous spin on the known idiom, “Those who can, do / Those who can’t, teach.”

Chances are people will make memes of those, too.

Oops they already have… 

denzel washington

Watch the interview below.