Baylee Curran, Becky With The Bad Hair, Was Stripped Of Her Pageant Title For Racist Language (Video)


More information is coming out about Chris Brown’s accuser, Baylee Curran, and it’s not looking good. The public is starting to learn more about Curran and her character.

According to, it seems that not only is Curran a liar and an alleged thief,  she may be a racist, too!

While Curran is trying to give the impression that she still holds the title as the 2016 Miss California regional winner, officials from the pageant denounced those claims and they’re sharing why.

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Pageant officials held a press conference on Thursday, during which they confirmed that Baylee Curran was, in fact, stripped of her title due to racially charged commentary as well as “racy” photos.

Say what??

It appears that Curran took some photos that the pageant deemed inappropriate. While the pageant officials admit that she wasn’t fully nude,  photos that are full-nude, partial-nude or implied photo shoots are grounds for dismissal.

Think about Vanessa Williams!

Not only did she take some stank photos, she made some comments that were considered racist.

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