College Student Shot and Killed at J’Ouvert Festival After She Told Man to Get Off Her


People run away as shots are fired on Empire Boulevard between Flatbush and Washington avenues during J’Ouvert. Photo: Stephen Yang

The violence that usually ensues at New York’s J’Ouvert celebration was no different this year.

Although Mayor DeBlasio did what he could and promised “the safest J’Ouvert celebration ever,” along with doubling the number of cops from 1,700 to 3,400, installing a forest of light towers, months of meetings and posters warning, “Do not shoot anyone. Do not stab anyone,” nothing changed.

It all proved to be a waste of money and manpower because two people were shot and killed anyway.

One of those people was an all-American college student by the name of Tiarah Shanice Poyau.


The beautiful 22-year-old woman was fatally shot in the face at the J’Ouvert Festival in Brooklyn for having the nerve to tell a man to stop twerking and grinding his body up against her, police sources said.

Poyau, a student at St. John’s University, was walking the pre-West Indian Day Parade route with three pals early Monday when she was accosted and told the man, “Get off me,’’ according to a source.


Her friends, who were walking ahead of her at around 4:15 a.m., then heard a shot and saw her fall at Empire Boulevard and Franklin Avenue. Poyau had been shot in the eye “at close range,’’ the source said.

Poyau was a young lady with big dreams. She was so full of life. She loved to travel the world and eat good food.




She dreamt of being an accountant.

“My ultimate goal is to be an accountant at a prestigious firm where I can constantly learn new things and pursue opportunities at firm locations around the world.”

Now her Facebook page has been turned into a memorial.


A few hours later in the wee Tuesday morning hours, Reginald Moise, 20, was arrested while drunk driving on three wheels. He was driving a 2002 Ford Explorer with a missing wheel and a broken axle, along with a Caribbean flag wrapped around his bloody hand, police said.  He is being charged with murder two and depraved indifference.

Before his bust, Moise called his cousin looking to stash the “hot” gun at her house.. Once he arrived, Moise then barely missed killing a 1-year-old boy sleeping in his crib when he shot up a relative’s Brooklyn apartment while hiding the murder weapon, said cops and the child’s mother. The bullet went through the relative’s wall and into a neighbor’s apartment.

Ballistics evidence from the two scenes implicated Moise.

Moise told pals, “I think I shot somebody on the parade route. I didn’t know the gun was loaded,” sources said.

J’Ouvert is a Caribbean style festival celebration that is held yearly in Brooklyn.

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