Young Mother Lost Her Life the Same Day Her Only Child Started Kindergarten


Darionha Tyler, 26, was so excited for her 6-year-old son Armani to start kindergarten. The young mother, who also worked at a catering company, was a devoted mother and her family shared that Armani was “her world.”

“This was her world, this was her breath, this was her everything,” said her mother, Latanya Stokes-Allen to Detroit Fox 2 News.

Sadly, on the same day her son started kindergarten, Darionha Tyler lost her life in a tragic car accident. Stokes-Allen shared that the young mother was distraught over an argument with her boyfriend when she got behind the wheel.

“They had a small argument and she was upset,” Stokes-Allen said.

For the most part, Tyler was said to be a responsible driver, but her emotions got in the way and clouded her judgement.

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