Snoop Dogg Says He’d Give Up Rapping for This

Snoop Dogg Kids

Who knew when Snoop Dogg came out in the ‘90s with his sexual swag and bodacious beats that he would end up saving kids.

But lo and behold, the rapper who practically oozes the smell of weed is one of our finest fathers and philanthropists.

According to an interview with Billboard, Snoop says, “When a kid comes up and says I coached him, or saved him, that’s the biggest thrill in the world. I would give up rapping all day to be a football coach.”


After Snoop realized how much his own sons loved football, and his own son got recruited to play for the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Snoop founded the Snoop Youth Football League (SYFL). He designed the program to help kids avoid the gangbanger lifestyle on the very same streets that “nearly derailed his own music career,” reports Billboard.

“We went on a mission to try to stop the violence by going to the roughest neighborhoods and grabbing these kids, coaches and ex-gang members and throwing them in the fire and saying, ‘This is what we want to do’,” Snoop says.

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