Gabrielle Union Gives Amazing Relationship Advice on Finding Your Soulmate (Video)


Finding your soul mate in life doesn’t seem to be the easiest thing… But “Almost Christmas” actress Gabrielle Union managed to find hers and now she wants to help you find yours, too!

“If your type hasn’t worked for you in 40 years — guess what? Your type sucks!” Union told The Grio.

“Time to change your type. Think outside the box! Maybe they’re younger, maybe they’re older, maybe they don’t come in the shape or size or color that you assume they would come in.”

“But there’s so many dope people out there that if you open yourself up and get out of your own way, you’re going to have a lot of options. A lot more options than you think.”


Despite who it’s coming from, we would say that is absolutely awesome advice.

To find her soul mate, all Gabby had to do was leave the man she was in love with, date Wade while he was still married to his wife Siovaughn, who is not highly sour by the way, and she had to accept Wade impregnating a woman who has way less than her, while they were still together.

But look at them now!  The two are so happy together!


Change your thinking, change your life! You too can have this level of love and happiness!

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