Kanye West Not Going Home… Staying Hospitalized at His Own Free Will


Kanye West will remain in the hospital a little while longer, but he’s not being held hostage.

The “Famous” rapper “isn’t ready to go back home,” a source tells E! News, adding that the decision to stay is “for the best.”

“Kanye is the kind of person if he gets released and isn’t mentally ready he will go back to his old ways and push himself over the limit again,” the source explains. “He needs to keep up with counseling even though he has an intense work schedule. He is just really drained and still weak. He isn’t himself.”

“Kim is being patient and staying by his side.”

They both have been through a lot but are staying strong as a married couple and helping one another get back up.”

The couple, married for two years, aren’t worried about their relationship.

“They know in the end this will bring them closer,” the source says. “Their love has not been affected during this hard time, but it has been tested to see if they can get through it. They have faith they will.”

West “is not being held against his will” and dispels rumors that he was ever “chained to a gurney.”

“He’s not being forced to be there,” says the source, adding that West is not in a “psych ward” but rather is getting treatment by “world-class doctors” specializing in mental health and total “wellness.”

Last week, West voluntarily admitted himself into a Los Angeles hospital after working around the clock on his tour, fashion line and other projects, which took too much of a toll on the star.