Man Upsets Facebook Users By Bragging About Helping Cops Bust Woman Who Sold Her Food Stamps

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A man with the Facebook name of Michael Credit-Repair Holloway made thousands of Facebook users irate after he made a post claiming to have worked with the police to have a woman arrested for selling her food stamps.

The post reads:

“Just met a woman at the Walmart in Memphis. She had sold me her EBT Card soon as we got to the register and got the total. I gave her the money and she gave me the card. Soon after police swarmed and arrested her on site.

She is the 6th one this month. I’m not employed by law enforcement… I’m just doing my job to help America great again.”


More than 4,000 people commented on the post with the majority of the commenters being irate that a black man would sell out a black woman like that. Many accused him of being a Trump supporter.


But my research tells me that this man is only attempting to get followers… Because his post is a straight up lie!

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