Fans Irate After Kenya Moore’s Boyfriend Matt Jordan Makes His New Instagram His Boo #WCW

There is nothing like being a popular woman in the spotlight and your man who you publicly claim comes out and embarrasses you. That’s exactly what one of the “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars is going through.

Kenya Moore thought she had a boyfriend. I mean she did spend Thanksgiving with him.. But lo and behold, we found out Matt Jordan spent Thanksgiving with another woman. too.


Jordan also spent Thanksgiving with an Instagram model…

Even more, to smash Moore’s face in just a little deeper in the mud,  he’s now publicly claiming his new girl, Tiffany Maiyon AND named her as his #WCW.


Clearly, the woman who runs her own business as a plastic surgery consultant has nothing on Moore, but you can’t tell Jordan that..

Fans seem to agree with me..