Gay Man Who Exposed Down Low Men on Facebook Robbed and Shot as Payback Now Fighting for His Life

Markeith Rivers

It’s being reported that the self-proclaimed gay detective/exposer of downlow men, Markeith Rivers, has been shot and robbed near his home in North Carolina.

Apparently he outed the wrong man.

Markeith, who is openly gay, lures “downlow men” into his home – and then secretly videotapes them. Then he publicly exposes the men by posting pics and video of them doing GAY stuff online to his Facebook page and group.

Rivers made headlines last year when he outed a prominent North Carolina pastor and demanded compensation for keeping quiet.

He made the news again this year when a video of him making a married man get down on his knees and beg him not to out him to his wife went viral.

In addition to being robbed and shot, Aazah reports that River’s car was also set on fire. Apparently someone posted River’s address online after he posted another outing video earlier this week.

Early reports said he was in the ICU fighting for his life.



Markeith often posts videos on Facebook outing DL men.. He has a Facebook group where he charges people to join in order to see the videos.


Many believe the shooing was karma…

This story has not been confirmed… Frankly I find it interesting that no family member of Markeith’s has posted to his page since, nor has Markeith… He might be sitting around eating up the attention…